STOP NO OUTSIDERS Conference – Sat 23/03/2019 6-9pm Birmingham

What is ‘No Outsiders’ all about?

What are children being exposed to?

What rights do parents have?

Education NOT indoctrination.

Education NOT discrimination.

Education NOT sexualisation.

Join us on Saturday 23rd March from 6pm to 9pm.

Noshahi Kashmir Centre
279 Coventry Road
Birmingham, B10 0RA

Speakers include:
Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett (Psychologist and founder of StopRSE)
Amir Ahmed (Chair of Alum Rock PCG)
Fatima Shah (Parkfield Parent)
Mariam Ahmed (Parkfield Parent)
Calton McDonald
(Speakers from other faith backgrounds also invited – awaiting confirmation)

One Comment to “STOP NO OUTSIDERS Conference – Sat 23/03/2019 6-9pm Birmingham”

  1. I do not believe schools should teach LGBT gender theory as it is not based on conclusive scientific research. Teaching the idea of sexuality being fluid, based on this theory will erode the normality of heterosexual relationships and in contradiction to traditional religious values and principles. Teaching such concepts, especially to young children will cause confusion about the biological differences between boys and girls and may cause further psychological issues.

    In addition, I do not believe children should be sexualised with such content, especially using explicit graphic material, which is extremely inappropriate within religious and other values systems. Talking to young children about such issues will affect their innocence and mental wellbeing. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Only parents can discuss these topics in keeping with their Children’s upbringing by taking into consideration specific religious sensitivities and nuances. I understand the need to teach children essential values including tolerance, compassion and respect so that they develop as well-rounded individuals. However, there are more effective and child-friendly way of achieving this without compromising the innocence and wellbeing of children.

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